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The election in the United States is over, however just as this has been a historical election it has also been the dirtiest election ever. And this time the dirt came from the Democratic side. I strongly believe that Obama purchased the vote. There is an old saying the man with the biggest and best toys will win, well fellow Americans this time the saying holds true.

Many American Citizens did not even get a chance to have their vote counted.

Obama used money to buy the Presidency, how do you feel about being bought? I thought the days of slavery were over, where people were bought, I was wrong. I honestly had believed that we as American Citizens have learned to learn from history as the old saying goes we either learn from history or we will make the same mistakes.

But the good news is we can make history again and start the impeachment process of Obama before he actually takes office. This would make the Election the very most historical event in the United States ever.

This blog will focus on the reasons that Obama should be impeached.

I welcome comments as long as they are focused on the topic of impeaching Obama (After all at this point in time we do still have the freedom of speech)

We do need to ask you to please help support us in our hard work in educating American Citizens please help us in our efforts to Impeach Obama today by donating any amount to this cause. Suggested amounts are $5.00, $25.00, $50.00, or $100.00 however, no amount is to small or to large we sincerely appreciate all donations. (Please be aware that at this time donations are not tax-deductible) however they are very much appreciated as well as very needed to continue our work of educating the public and at Impeaching Obama. We would like to raise enough funds to expand our outreach which has already helped inform thousands of American citizens.
We will not use Google adwords to raise money for this cause do to the fact that Google has basically sold out to pro Obama and we will not do anything to increase Obama’s cause. Also we do not want our visitors to have to see pro-Obama ads when they visit our blog.

To use your credit card for your donation please click here
Or if you prefer please send your check or Money Order to
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Thank you very much for your donation
Together we can impeach Obama now.


  1. Your Crazy

    Can you seriously say that you would be comfortable having Palin be president? She has the same amount of experience in National Politics as a Senior in High School. Be mature. Obama got elected and thats it. Grow up and join the rest of America in trying to fix the economic crisis and get America back to where it used to be.

  2. Thank you for your post,
    To answer your question can I honestly say that I would be comfortable having Palin as President my answer is a resounding YES.
    Here are her credentials;
    Palin was a member of the Wasilla Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and the city’s mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for lieutenant governor Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004. She was elected governor in November 2006 by defeating the incumbent governor in the Republican primary and then defeating a former two-term Democratic governor in the general election. She is the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person elected governor.
    If you know a high school senior with the same qualifications I would love to meet that person.
    Obama is not going to fix the economic crisis sorry to say. To use your words grow up and do the research. I have never done as much research on any topic shhhh don’t tell my old teachers and professors LOL that I have done on this election. My question to you is how much research did you do before voting?
    Thanks again and have a great day

  3. Susan

    I PRAY … that God intervenes before Obama tears America down to an ash heap! He is trying to micro-manage way too many areas that don’t deal with his position as President. I lived in Canada for 20 years. We came to America for the opportunity of free enterprise and better health care, to mention just two reasons. There were more. Health care in Canada is inferior, and NOT FREE! If you make $100K, the government takes 60% in taxes to pay for Health Care. If you really want to be assured of getting emergency treatment, the Canadian citizen must carry an additional Health Plan that costs a pretty penny. There is NO such thing as Free Health Care …. the money MUST come from somewhere, and trust me …. the government does NOT give out free …. anything!! It is so sad to see America crumbling. Obama was NOT the person to lead our Country. Even his own constituents are turning against him. We need to admit we have made a terrible mistake to put this man in the #1 leadership position, impeach him, and TRY to replace him with someone that holds to the values and policies that once made America the great Nation, she once WAS, in hopes that it is not too late. The TRUTH hurts!!

  4. Mel Franklin

    Hello Daniel;

    My name is Mel Franklin and yes I am proud of my ancestor, statesman and inventor as well as being held up as one of our nations founding fathers who gave us a Republic for our protection that is now being torn asunder by the evil trio, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. I also feel much pride for those taking part in the town hall meetings and the tea parties and applaud them for wanting to vote out most of those who have foisted their will on us due to lop sided election returns by the electoral college. However, in my opinion and that of others I have talked to, 2010 will be to late as by then they will have everything in place to make us subjects and not costituents. We need to act now, petition our security agencies to enact a citizens arrest on the above mentioned three and with them in custody, undue a good part of what they have done to enslave us under the hammer and sickle. Obama tried to replace our Presidential seal with that of his own and we would have none of it so why do we stand idly by and watch him replace our freedoms with his own ideology. I have nothing but contempt for these liars and evil perpetrators. Now for a little satire in a song I have written for this occasion. Good morning Obama, what makes you wake so soon; You think that you will rule the world, And maybe the stars and moon: You want to build a super race; Like Adolph in nineteen thirty nine; Your plans will backfire in your face; And trickle down your spine; You have lied about your place of birth, As well your (ahem) Christian name; Your god and my GOD Obama just are not the same; Your Allah inhabits rock and dust up on the moon; My GOD rules the earth and is coming back, very soon: My GOD says for us each to love and peace be still; your god says all infidels are there for you to kill: you assisted your cousin in Kenya 400 churches to burn;
    What is it with you doers of evil, will you never learn; You attempt to lead the flock walking hand in hand; Mr. Obama, you will fail, GOD is still in command: Any and all suggestions as to how we will go about proceeding to oust those responsible for the economic collapse and bring about some semblance of what we had before they came upon the scene. Now, to bring my comments to a close, THREE CHEERS FOR THE RED WHITE AND BLUE AND FOREVER MAY IT WAVE UNDER THE AUSPICES OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. amen.

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