Our Apologies and truth is stranger then fiction Obama says Thank You Satan

Dear Fellow Americans,

We have tried our best to present to you research about Obama, however we have made a mistake and that mistake is what we are apologizing for today, we did not fully know how evil Obama was until we were researching for a post today. When we came across the following video. We ask you as we have tried to ask you in the past to come to your own conclusions but we both hear Obama clearly saying Thank you Satan when his speech is played backwards. We ask that you consider if we truly want a President that would even come close to making such a comment. We do thank you for understanding our mistake and for your forgiveness.

We most certainly would not have used the name of this site if we had been aware of how it might come across.

We do need to ask you to please help support us in our hard work in educating American Citizens please help us in our efforts to Impeach Obama today by donating any amount to this cause. Suggested amounts are $5.00, $25.00, $50.00, or $100.00 however, no amount is to small or to large we sincerely appreciate all donations. (Please be aware that at this time donations are not tax-deductible) however they are very much appreciated as well as very needed to continue our work of educating the public and at Impeaching Obama. We would like to raise enough funds to expand our outreach which has already helped inform thousands of American citizens.
We will not use Google adwords to raise money for this cause do to the fact that Google has basically sold out to pro Obama and we will not do anything to increase Obama’s cause. Also we do not want our visitors to have to see pro-Obama ads when they visit our blog.

To use your credit card for your donation please click here
Or if you prefer please send your check or Money Order to
Yes We Can Impeach Obama Now
312 E Garfield
Marion, Wisconsin 54950

Thank you very much for your donation
Together we can impeach Obama now.


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