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The election in the United States is over, however just as this has been a historical election it has also been the dirtiest election ever. And this time the dirt came from the Democratic side. I strongly believe that Obama purchased the vote. There is an old saying the man with the biggest and best toys will win, well fellow Americans this time the saying holds true.

Many American Citizens did not even get a chance to have their vote counted.

Obama used money to buy the Presidency, how do you feel about being bought? I thought the days of slavery were over, where people were bought, I was wrong. I honestly had believed that we as American Citizens have learned to learn from history as the old saying goes we either learn from history or we will make the same mistakes.

But the good news is we can make history again and start the impeachment process of Obama before he actually takes office. This would make the Election the very most historical event in the United States ever.

This blog will focus on the reasons that Obama should be impeached.

I welcome comments as long as they are focused on the topic of impeaching Obama (After all at this point in time we do still have the freedom of speech)

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